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We have designed a 2-hour for playgroup and 3-hours for nursery, junior kg, senior kg school schedule in which children have time for honing their natural ability with plenty of learning activities, physical activities, music and movement as well as time for meals or snacks. When children enjoy what they are doing, they learn faster and grasp concepts better. At IRA PREP classrooms, the learning journey traverses play, activities and fun.

Your child will discover the joy of learning!

IRA PREP curriculum and activities are designed for the holistic development of the child – physical, social, cognitive as well as emotional development. By planning activities that allow the child to explore the physical environment, exposing them to music every day, engaging them in group activities as well as allowing time for child-directed activity, we ensure your child develops into a well-rounded individual. Equally, your child will learn concepts in environmental science, math or language through stories, experiential activities, interaction with concrete objects or pictures, rhymes, games and fun activities. At IRA PREP every type of learner – auditory, visual and kinesthetic – will discover the joy of learning.