Kindergarten is a special time in a child’s life. Children at this age are developing physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Our skill-based kindergarten program includes reading, English language, math’s, environmental studies, general knowledge, etc. We encourage continuous language development through letter and sound recognition, writing activities, reading, stories, singing, nursery rhymes, and finger plays.

When your child enters the Junior KG, here is where formal education begins and kids are given emphasis on speaking, writing, and advanced mathematics suited for their age. At Ira Prep Preschool, your child remains motivated to develop his/her own ideas and thoughts. Skills taught are on maths, visual arts, drama, science, languages and more.

  Subjects for junior kg are

  • Enviormental Studies.
  • Comparission Skills.
  • Language Skills.
  • Numerical Skills.

  For curriculum: The teachers’ impart knowledge about orals and recognition skills

  • Writing of small alphabets.
  • Math’s: before after numbers, missing numbers ETC.
  • EVS: Rainy season, community helpers, Junk & healthy food, Good manners .
  • Rhymes competition, story-telling, competition (in-house)like fancy dress competitions, coloring competitions.

  Physical Experiences

We like to stretch as Stretching makes little bodies more flexible and keeps muscles long. Knowing how you can use your body gives a child good self confidence and we incorporate a lot of movements in our PE activities , which make children follow instructions , play team games ensuring they JUMP SKIP HOP RUN …CATCH THROW and many more fun activities. Children of this age group have a lot of energy and are continuously on the move. When children get dedicated time to play they enjoy, bond developing social skills and are healthier and more attentive.