At Ira Prep Preschool we pride ourselves in providing special care to look after every child just the way a mother would, throughout the day.

We provide a safe secure and learning environment for children to learn play and grow. A structured daily schedule is followed with planning for Nutritious meals and adequate rest periods. Good Health hygiene is ensured with age appropriate facilities like play material, and child friendly washrooms. Our trained and passionate teachers look after the children’s comfort at all times. Children learn through engaging activities involving outdoor play, indoor games, music, art and storytelling.

Children who stay in full day care for the whole day are offered breakfast (depending on the time of arrival) snacks midday meal evening snacks and evening milk. All of our centres have an in-house kitchen where fresh hot meals are prepared as per the planned menus.

The program schedule can include preschool in the morning/mid-morning and activities like art & craft, music and movement, physical experiences in the afternoon/evening program. We strive to ensure that we give a safe, healthy and nurturing space for children to learn and grow. We have fully functional day care centers at all our centres. If you want day care facility for your child with or without preschool, we have a time plan and schedule just right for you. Please visit your nearest centre to understand how it works.